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Heuzé, C, Huhn, O, Walter, M, Sukhikh, N, Karam, S, Körtke, W, Vredenborg, M, Bulsiewicz, K, Sültenfuß, J, Fang, YC, Mertens, C, Rabe, B, Tippenhauer, S, Allerholt, J, He, H, Kuhlmey, D, Kuznetsov, I and Mallet, M (2023) A year of transient tracers (chlorofluorocarbon 12 and sulfur hexafluoride), noble gases (helium and neon), and tritium in the Arctic Ocean from the MOSAiC expedition (2019–2020). Earth System Science Data, 15(12). 5517-5534. doi:10.5194/essd-15-5517-2023

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